Building Positive Market Perception

For an educational brand to make an impact on today’s informed student prospect, it needs a personality, a voice. A unique brand persona is essential when creating market awareness, consideration and trust.

A well-focused brand with a single focus
Before your brand becomes vocal, it is critical that it has a solid brand position. Your institution's brand should define who you are and how it helps students achieve their career aspirations. Determine how you’re going to differentiate your brand to embody all the values of your school and programs in the mind of your student prospects. Having a clear understanding of your brand promise and what it represents will help to establish a consistent voice and increase brand ROI.

Determine your marketing objectives and strategy
Who do you want to follow you? How are you going to engage with your audience and what methods are you going to use to measure the activity level of those engagements? In an increasingly competitive online world, your brand is going to have to start relevant dialogues, contribute to conversations, make friends and have followers to get found.

Brand tone should not vary
Before unleashing your brand into the marketplace, establishing a unified message, approach and unique style is key to being authentic. This applies to blogs, tweets, thought leadership—all brand dialogue. Your brand needs to know how to deliver its positioning and its promise, in order to influence behavior.  

Capture the attention of prospective students with gravity
Having an in-depth understanding of your prospective students' needs, wants and aspirations helps to position your brand in the forefront of the conversation and above the noise.

At the beginning of every new client partnership, Comply identifes brand opportunities and threats. We assess current and potential competitors. Once we’ve done our research, we combine the insight with our creative marketing expertise to craft a distinctive voice for your brand. Then we apply Gravity—our integrated marketing methodology to establish student relationships, ignite demand and drive enrollment.


About the Author

KELLY O'BRIEN—President and founding partner responsible for account management and all management activities within Comply pertaining to resources, finance, operations, production and technology.

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