Today's Customer Decision Journey

Organizations in both the B2B and B2C space invest a lot of energies into creating a marketing strategy that supports the various stages of their buyer’s decision making journey. It is vital to know what your customer is experiencing along the entire continuum to align your sales and marketing interactions and convert customers to energized customer advocates.

Today’s customers are different than they were only a few years ago. They are in a self-directed  journey that is constantly evolving. Analyzing data and mapping the stages of the buyer's journey doesn’t help you move the customer from one phase to another. Data is only valuable if it can be enriched and transformed into a narrative experience that helps the customer make a decision to take that next step. 
What is the best way to get to the heart of how your customers think, to understand their behaviors and decision-drivers? Do you know what products and services are most important to them? What can you do to improve the customer experience?

Knowing what drives your target audience is critical. Once you’ve gained insight on customer touch points and intricacies, you need to integrate them into your customer’s journey by crafting a story that is relevant and timely. By asking your customer questions that drive decision-making, you’ll be able to transform your marketing message into a meaningful brand story that inspires action.

Consumers expect an education about the products and services they’re purchasing. When mapping out the customer experience, decide what data to include, when, and how to display it in a manner that enhances the customer experience. The content needs to captivate the audience while allowing the information to be acquired and processed. Your message should maintain a level of depth that keeps the content relevant while being simplified logically and visually. Most importantly, your story must add value to the customer.

Many organizations need to transition the delivery methods of their information into a digestible format that can be easily processed. Interactive technologies can be utilized to illustrate the value and end-customer benefits of your brand. Clearly defined paths for the decision-making process are not only effective, but essential to driving customer satisfaction and engagement. You might be surprised to discover how engaging your customers are when supporting research is transformed into actionable insights and used to convey a meaningful story.

Contact Comply to discover how we can help your organization develop effective and flexible communications that:

  • Illustrate your brand story
  • Provide a framework to quantify the benefits of your products and services
  • Help your customers evaluate their options and streamline decisions


About the Author

TOM ROBERTON—Vice President of Marketing and founding partner responsible for business development, integrated account planning, marketing and media strategies.

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