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We know your organization is complex and the regulatory environment you face even more so. With so much required of your team, you need a compliance partner as dedicated to the details as you are. Trust us to help you protect your reputation, streamline your processes, and build a program which keeps up with it all.

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From small to large, investment banks are asked to constantly monitor, track and act on a tremendous amount of regulatory data for their organization and each of its employees. Complying with relevant Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rulings in addition to a multitude of local regulations often makes it difficult to achieve and maintain compliance. Let us help!

COMPLY's offerings allow you to build a technology solution as unique as your strategy. Driven by a need to capture it all, you can count on COMPLY to proactively identify potential risk or conflict of interest to help strengthen your compliance program.

– VSS Capital Partners Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Operations Jacqueline “Jackie” Jacobs
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Build an effective compliance program with a purpose-built solution.

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Track and tackle risks of noncompliance.

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Reduce time spent gathering data by 70% on average.

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